Masters And slaves Together – Central NJ

Upcoming Events

July 11, 2009 – Communications: More Than Just Talking

August 8, 2009 – Master Steve & slave tami Pre-Contest Presentation and Summer BBQ

September 12, 2009 – Facing Fears

October 10, 2009 – Responsibilities of a Master / Responsibilities of a slave

November 14, 2009 – Behavior Modification of Undesirable/Desirable Behaviors

Contact Information

To contact MAsT Central NJ, send an email to or


Masters And slaves Together International (“MAsT”) is an association of individuals interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority. MAsT believes that such relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness for such individuals, and MAsT is therefore dedicated to equipping them with tools and resources that will assist them in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. Through the sanctioning of local chapters that meet on a regular basis, MAsT provides social and support opportunities for its members and fosters the beneficial exchange of lifestyle knowledge and experience. MAsT is committed to demystifying M/s, D/s, and other power exchange relationships for those in the leather/fetish/BDSM community and, on a greater level, to correcting the misinformation and combating the denigration that often occurs in our larger societies with respect to such relationships

The MAsT: Central New Jersey Chapter serves the Central New Jersey area, and welcomes All Genders, All Sexual Orientations and Any Relationship Status.