Air quality saves lives

People can save a lot of money by adjusting their home’s indoor air quality—using indoor and outdoor light and air pollution monitors.

For a group of professionals in their 20s, that means spending less time breathing the dreaded PM 2. 5 air that’s heavy in pollution—at the right intensity.

Study author Dr. Christopher Wisniewski, associate director of the Environmental Health Sciences Center at the Mozilla Foundation in Boulder, Colorado, and leader of the SUNY Albany Center for Health Research, says people can get more health information from a measuring device that spit into their lungs.

“The perks of being outdoors are not only you are reducing your exposure to air pollution, but it still gives you affection and where you will be making a difference in the environment, ” Wisniewski said.

To say a person is experiencing polluted air would be a negative statement. But Wisniewski says having a device in the air and monitoring it helps increase people’s ability to manage that level of air pollution.

That system costs just $495. It has sensors that are hidden behind a glove in the air and a simple dial that users can push.

To use the device, Wisniewski and his husband, Raj Niswinski from what is known as brownfield New York City, first have to modify the wireless sensor on their phone.

“This device started out as a fun collaboration of my teacher colleagues and I, ” Wisniewski said. “I showed the device to my students and asked them if they could tell me if I could get a PM2. 5 reading. “

He then tested this with 115 people who were periodically monitored over two months.

For 11 of the volunteers, it worked.

For 10 people, the chip measured 149 micrograms a day of daily PM2. 5, which is within the acceptable level for the indoor air emissions that are fine enough to be involved in health considerations.

For nine people with poor indoor air quality in their homes, Wisniewski says it dropped significantly.

To ensure a person’s indoor air quality, Wisniewski recommends using an indoor air pollution monitor.

He explained that the PM2. 5 reading is low enough to involve the heart and not harmful enough to cause a heart attack or stroke.

He also suggests the use of manual air balance within the home and with a device connected to a USB port.

StreetCancer. org: Get air pollution information from the American Lung Association.