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Altheus Therapeutics announces completion of Zoenasa stage I trial for ulcerative colitis Altheus Therapeutics, Inc impressive popularity . Related StoriesAlport syndrome: an interview with Dr Paul Grint, CMO, RegulusLenvatinib trial offers hope for thyroid cancer patientsExpanded use for IntelliCap with additional CE Mark for aspiration of fluidsNearly 1.2 million Americans suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Both most common forms, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, are chronic lifelong circumstances which significantly impact the standard of life. Front-range treatment for ulcerative colitis is certainly monotherapy with oral or rectal mesalamine.

One such switch entails a metabolic enzyme and plays a part in cancer cells burning large amounts of glucose and growing more rapidly. Learning even more about such switches may lead to potential malignancy therapies, Burge said. Until now, it has been difficult to review isoforms on a genome-wide scale due to the high cost of sequencing and technical issues in discriminating similar mRNA isoforms using microarrays. The team required mRNA samples from 10 types of cells and five cell lines from a complete of 20 individuals, and generated more than 13 billion foundation pairs of sequence, the equivalent of more than four whole individual genomes.