Biomedical Advanced Analysis and Advancement Authority announced today.

The drug, CS-8958, happens to be marketed in Japan beneath the name Inavir and is definitely in the same course of medications as the presently approved influenza antiviral medications Tamiflu and Relenza. CS-8958 requires only an individual dose for complete treatment, instead of the five times of daily dosing necessary for Tamiflu and Relenza twice. CS-8958 also could be effective against influenza infections regarded as resistant to Tamiflu.The Washington Post's Wonkblog: Obamacare Was Likely to Make Insurance Marketplaces More Competitive. Has it? Before the Affordable Care Action, about 30 says had a single insurer that accounted for over fifty % of their participants in the individual market, according to the Robert Real wood Johnson Foundation. The legislation's effect in each state's insurance market shall vary based on history, regulation and demographics . Bloomberg: Obamacare Shuffles Health Plan Marketplace Share, Survey Finds A snapshot of Obamacare enrollment in seven states suggests the law hasn't significantly increased competition in health insurance markets, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported. The Hill: Study: Obamacare Has Mixed Record On Spurring Competition The Obamacare marketplaces possess spurred elevated competition among the largest insurers in two of the states with the most enrollees while reducing competition in some smaller states, according to a fresh study.