By identifying the Sirtuin genes part in pulmonary disease.

Thirty-seven patients from Helsinki who were undergoing the lung resection for suspected cancers or a lung transplant, volunteered to supply tissue samples for the analysis. Researchers confirmed that SIRT1 was significantly lower in smokers who experienced COPD and in smokers who did not have disease, compared to nonsmokers. The next step was to research what pathways result in the depletion of SIRT1. Researchers found that Sirtuin also is important in regulating the complete chemical signaling system that protects the lung area from smoke cigarettes and pollution. They investigated how SIRT1 pertains to another key defensive molecule, Nrf2, a transcription factor.Wegman, President of BioSpecifics. ‘We anticipate its commercial launch also to the outcomes of scientific trials of XIAFLEX in various other indications.’ Auxilium estimates there are 240,000 annual applicants for XIAFLEX for Dupuytren’s contracture in america and European countries. It has mentioned that it expects to market XIAFLEX in the usa through a group of around 100 field product sales managers and representatives, reimbursement professionals and managed market accounts directors. In addition, an employee of 11 trained medical science liaisons provides medical support for XIAFLEX highly. Auxilium has generated a distribution network that may allow healthcare providers to gain access to XIAFLEX through specialty distributors and specialty pharmacies or in the institutional placing once they have undergone schooling on XIAFLEX and its own administration.