CTI announces AIFA approval for manufacture of pixantrone at NerPharMa facility Cell Therapeutics.

Age-Aged Super SpiceFrom its simple historic uses as treatment for toothache, anti-halitosis or bad breath, medication for the nasty common chilly and digestion aid, cinnamon has gone quite a long way. Recent studies also showed that also simply the smell of cinnamon or chewing cinnamon gum enhances brain function from memory space to visual-motor speed, recognition, and focus and attention. In Closing: Cinnamon Now a Certified ‘Super’ FoodIt’s no question that cinnamon is currently a ‘very’ spice being painstakingly developed through genomic medicine to neutralize stubborn chronic diseases that have plagued the modern world.They are able to also hinder iodine absorption by the thyroid, breast tissue and prostate tissue, causing nutritional deficiencies which can promote cancer. If you have been drinking Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Fanta or other similar beverages made by Pepsi or Coke, you’ve been drinking brominated veggie oil. The ‘net is loudly applauding the removal of BVO in these drinks, but minimal one appears to be alert to what they’re replacing it with: sucrose acetate isobutyrate. BVO being changed with sucrose acetate isobutyrateThe idea of removing all artificial chemicals from their items has apparently never happened to Coke and Pepsi.