000 international delegates to its annual EUROECHO Congress.

A faculty of 290 specialists from 35 countries provides been nominated to oversee the scientific program. EUROECHO 2010 can be hosting the finalists of the Young Investigators Award. Various other features at EUROECHO 2010 include Imaging Campus, a location supported by industry where delegates can get practical and first-hand experience of new products, and question the advancement team to understand strengths and weaknesses, and the specific applications tackled. Doctor Badano highlights 3D ultrasound as one of the most important topics as of this year’s EUROECHO.Most importantly, the CFA is highly connected to a range of Diaspora leaders and professionals in healthcare and additional fields, who have much to offer in the effort to help Africa. We are able to efficiently bring these voices jointly to generate the required momentum and expenditure to dramatically improve the healthcare infrastructure over the coming years. CFA's President and CEO, Mr. Melvin Foote, believes the right time is right to release an initiative to improve healthcare in Africa, stating, The Ebola epidemic has been a tremendous wake-up call about the weak condition of health care infrastructure in the countries strickened by the disease, particularly in the midst of the AIDS crisis.