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However, by six months, just 35 % and 20 %, respectively, are still breastfeeding.’ Christakis encouraged more programs and opportunities to greatly help encourage mothers to breast-feed and called for a de-stigmatization of breast-feeding in public areas. ‘Clever social media campaigns and high-quality public provider announcements will help with that. As with lead, a few of these actions might require legislative action either at the federal or state level. Let’s enable our children’s cognitive function become the drive that tilts the scale, and let’s get on with it,’ Christakis said.Pharmacies have tremendous potential to increase the reach and effect of critical public wellness interventions, just as we’ve noticed happen with pharmacy usage of clean syringes and adult immunizations. But just how do we do this with naloxone rescue products? That's what we plan to figure out within Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In both continuing says, pharmacists must be qualified to distribute naloxone rescue kits through continuing education that addresses opioid addiction, overdose risk and the advantages of appropriate usage of naloxone. The analysis will monitor and analyze data from the participating pharmacies through the entire two states to build up guidelines for a nationwide pharmacy-based naloxone rescue package program.