The Baltimore Sun reports.

Amerigroup settles Medicaid lawsuit over denial of protection to pregnant women for $225 million Amerigroup on Tuesday said it will enter a $225 million settlement agreement with Illinois and the federal government over allegations that it all denied insurance to eligible women that are pregnant, the Baltimore Sun reports . Cleveland Tyson, previous vice president of federal government relations at Amerigroup’s Illinois subsidiary, in 2002 filed a whistle-blower lawsuit that claimed the business cherry-picked the healthiest patients to reduce spending.However they add: ‘This is an intriguing starting point that to conduct further related analyses.’ Plus they add: ‘Acknowledging that the same genetic risk variants can have got different observable results in people could help inform discovery of risk variants for childhood developmental/psychiatric disorders that it can be hard to assemble very large sample sizes. Such attempts may help uncover novel biological risk pathways and donate to explaining why different behaviours and disorders typically co-occur.’..