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Celling’s group of researchers will collaborate with Tissue Genesis, and its own licensees, to analyze adipose tissue derived stem cell applications at specific medical institutions through the entire global world. We believe adult stem cells will revolutionize modern medicine, and our business development initiatives are positioning the company to continue leading the research and advancement of cellular therapy. The agreement with Cells Genesis solidifies our placement as a innovator, and continues to build the chance for surgeons and establishments interested in the future of regenerative medication, says Kevin Had been, Director of Business Advancement for Celling Technologies.– AIDS: ANOTHER Opinion by Gary Null, James Feast Actually, he demonstrated that HIV alone cannot cause AIDS. Increasing proof indicates that AIDS could be a toxicity syndrome or metabolic disorder that’s due to immunity risk elements, including heroin, sex-enhancement medicines, antibiotics, prescribed AIDS drugs commonly, anal intercourse, starvation, malnutrition, and dehydration. A large number of prominent researchers operating at the forefront of Helps research now openly query the virus hypothesis of Helps.