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CBD Oil All about CBD oil If there was something available that could help people with cancer and additional horrible diseases possibly, would everyone most probably to it? Well, that depends on what the item is manufactured out of over the counter . If its main component originates from a plant that many people dread, such as marijuana, it might be an uphill battle. For this reason CBD oil isn’t getting the attention it deserves. People can’t overcome the fact that it originates from a marijuana plant. What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is among the many chemicals within the plant marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, may be the main psychoactive chemical substance in in the plant.

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‘We are very pleased that people have initiated the first clinical trial in China for ENMD-2076 and incredibly much look forward to see how it could benefit Chinese patients,’ commented Rong Chen, MD, Ph.D., CASI's Chief Medical Officer. ‘Data out of this China study will bolster data that’s currently being collected at the two U.S. Sites and can provide valuable information seeing that the advancement is continued by us of ENMD-2076 for this cancer indication.’ Ken K. Ren, Ph.D., CASI's CEO commented also, ‘We are very pleased and thankful to Dr. Xu and the Cancers Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences when planning on taking the lead inside our China trials.