CEL-SCI announced that the U.

To ensure that FDA to fully consider that next-stage scientific trial to evaluate LEAPS-H1N1 treatment of hospitalized patients with laboratory-verified H1N1 Pandemic Flu under an Exploratory IND, FDA provides asked CEL-SCI to post a detailed follow-up regulatory filing with intensive additional data. Thus, in parallel with ramping up its initial study, CEL-SCI is usually proceeding on an expedited basis with the substantial undertaking necessary to complete this following submission. Recognizing that it cannot proceed using its next-stage medical trial without the Agency’s concurrence, CEL-SCI anticipates engaging in an in depth dialogue with FDA regarding the proposed LEAPS-H1N1 clinical-development program based on this potential filing.Only in totalitarian societies are parents pressured to improve children according to stringent state-mandated regulations. Families just like the Stanleys should never go through this type of abuse if we are to consider ourselves a free nation.. CXCL12 protein may inhibit metastasis of melanoma and colon cancers Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin show that a protein can inhibit metastasis of colon and melanoma cancers. The results are released in the October 10, 2011 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Michael B. Dwinell, Ph.D., director of the Bobbie Nick Voss Laboratory and associate professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, is the lead writer on the paper.