A shipment of Canadian Crimson Cross tents arrived in Haiti.

The International Crimson Cross continues to send much needed supplies into the region. Up to now, more than 77 tonnes of Red Cross aid from around the world has landed in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. The Canadian Red Cross continues to operate a number of activities, including the deployment of help workers for field evaluation and the operation of a joint Canadian-Norwegian Red Cross Crisis Response Unit field medical center.It is extremely important to know the sources of the cardiac illnesses and the different forms that it can take. Coronary heart disease is the most common disease which is certainly caused by the failing of the arteries to circulate blood to the heart itself because of the junk that is definitely build-up on the wall space of the artery. Alcoholic cardiovascular disease is another type of cardiac disease. It really is virtually self-explanatory and is due to the over usage of alcohol. Some small children are born with a weak heart or with some heart defects; this is referred to as congenital heart disease. It is among the primary causes of the early childhood death in Germany. Hypertensive heart disease is because of high blood pressure and it should not really be overlooked because high blood pressure has become quite a common disease in Germany.