An antibiotic-producing bacteria.

Clever ants may contain the secret to antibiotic level of resistance New research has revealed that ants that tend and harvest gardens of fungus carry on their bodies a top secret weapon, an antibiotic-producing bacteria, which works against the parasites that invade their crops. The international group of scientists discovered that the ants accommodate the bacterias in specially adapted cavities on their bodies. It appears the bacteria thrive on glandular secretions and the discovery shows that the ants, bacteria, fungus and parasites have been very likely evolving together for tens of millions of years and have what the researchers say is a traditional symbiotic relationship.Brian Levine of the Rotman Analysis Institute and senior author in the scholarly study. What is common to both explanations is definitely that the sufferers’ selection and practice of an occupation early in existence was related to their brain changes later in life. The authors cautioned that the outcomes were limited to FTLD and may not hold for additional brain diseases or conditions. There is no evidence that someone with an especially non-verbal or verbal profession is vulnerable to brain disease. However, if see your face were to develop FTLD , the location of the condition may relate with occupational practice. Further analysis will be had a need to determine how solid a predictor occupation could be for hemispheric localization of the disease. FTLD patient data for this scholarly study was collected from nine neurology clinics in Canada, the U.S., Germany and the U.K.

Blog examines function of Islamist leadership in combating polio Noting the Global Vaccine Summit kept in Abu Dhabi the other day, Ayesha Malik, a campaigner in the Muslim-led campaigning charity Manufactured in European countries, writes in a post in the charity's blog regarding the part of Islamic leadership in the global force to eliminate polio.