Additional data on bone health.

Al. Safety Data from 12-Week Study of Organic S-equol Make use of in Japanese Women Investigators identified no basic safety problems or critical adverse events, particularly in the female reproductive system, among healthy Japanese postmenopausal females who took daily dosages of the Natural S-equol supplement for 12 weeks, compared to those receiving a placebo. The investigators found no irregular changes in blood concentrations of five hormones when measured at the study start and at weeks four, eight and 12 of the study. Also, ultrasound procedures of the thickness of the lining of the uterus and cellular research of the tissue lining the vagina recognized no biological ramifications of the health supplement on the women-s reproductive organs.Ladapo, NYU College of MedicineThe StimRouter Program is designed to alleviate chronic neuropathic discomfort of peripheral origin. These devices includes an implanted business lead that provides low-level electrical impulses right to the nerve that bears the pain transmission. The Exterior Pulse Transmitter , worn beyond your physical body, sends electrical indicators through your skin to the implanted lead. The EPT gets the capacity for storing stimulation applications to supply patients with a number of treatment options based on their activity or degree of discomfort.