Their own research and development activities focus on microRNAs In addition.

Their own research and development activities focus on microRNAs In addition,diseases and metabolic diseases. In addition, Santaris Pharma is use its highly effective and efficient Drug Discovery Engine, generate lead LNA drug candidates against a broad range of disease targets selected by strategic partners. The company and its corporate partners currently have four compounds in clinical development and a full pipeline in late preclinical development.. Santaris Pharma is a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing new classes of RNA medicines targeting disease-related mRNAs and miRNAs on its proprietary LNA Drug Platform.

.’We are on progress in the development of this LNA-based HIF-1 alpha inhibitor promoted the fact that LNA RNA – based inhibitors are of clinical benefit of clinical benefit is very rewarding and is very rewarding and is further proof. Create the potential of our LNA Drug Platform to ensure effective and safe drugs major important diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas, ‘said S0ren Tulstrup, President and CEO of Santaris Pharma A / S.These genes be prime targets for new medicines and vaccines at counteract mortal pathogen .. Fraser works in the laboratory for Michael iron a UC Berkeley Assistant Professor for supplementing molecular and cell biology and member of the QB3 consortium This technique can use will be to quickly identification pathogens genes said interacts closely with the human immune system because these genes are under tremendous pressure at develop quickly, co-author Joshua B.